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ink cartridges

Using Trodat replacement ink cartridges, you can make sure that your stamp constantly delivers clean, uniform imprints. The ink cartridge's material and ink have been perfected during years of research, meaning that regardless of the conditions, you are guaranteed a perfect impression every time with a Trodat stamp. There are replacement ink cartridges available for all  Professional, Printy and Mobile Printy models. All Trodat standard stamp inks guarantee imprints which will last for decades. 




New grip zones allow clean handling and replacement of the cartridge without touching the ink reservoir*.


Perfect detail


Precise ink metering in the tenths of a gram range prevents ink from running out. The dual-component cartridge insert ensures clean, uniform imprints throughout the service life.




Inks used in Trodat replacement ink cartridges are specially designed to prevent drying out and are completely non-toxic.



*Ink cartridges with grip zones are currently obtainable only in sizes 6/4910, 6/4911, 6/4912, 6/4913, 6/4914 and 6/4915.