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Trodat supports new Gold Standard climate protection project in Colombia

Biomass Project (replacement of coal) in Soacha, Colombia

A family-run brickyard near Bogotá is fighting one of the main causes of climate change and providing important jobs at the same time. More than 50 years of civil war in Colombia have left their mark.

Millions of domestic refugees migrate to the cities, where unemployment and social conflicts are increasing. The production of bricks for the many new houses being constructed requires enormous amounts of energy which is generated by burning coal.

Thisis extremely cheap in Colombia,  where coal is one of the main exports, but it is also one of the largest sources of CO2. Despite financial hurdles, a small brickyard near Bogotá has opted for a climate-friendly alternative and has invested in the conversion to efficient kilns that require 40% less fuel.

The company is also implementing the switch for the heating of furnaces from coal to biomass, such as wood and paper waste. One brick represents a total of 1 kg less CO2, and a completed house saves 1.5 tonnes. The factory's biomass use will be increased from a bit more than 40% currently to 80%. For this purpose, it needs machines to crush the fuel, which are expensive and not available in Colombia.

The financing provided by the climate protection project, which has proven that it will decrease greenhouse gases, is essential to achieve this goal and to continue the project successfully.

The Ladrilla Santander brickyard is located in the town of Soacha, which borders the Colombian capital city of Bogotá, in the province of Cundinamarca.

You can find additional convincing information and impressions (photos and videos) of this new climate protection project on the Climate Partner* website through the following link:

*Climate Partner is an independent company that Trodat supports with climate protection advice.