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Trodat's new Professional™ 4.0

Trodat Professional 4.0


Trodat launch its New Professional 4.0 brushed stainless steel stamp at Paperworld 2017

Stronger. Cleaner. Faster. Have been the key focus points when developing the new Trodat Professional™ 4.0. Combining a new-brushed stainless steel finish and high quality plastic, the new Professional 4.0 provides maximum stability and durability, while being lightweight for easy and effortless stamping.
STRONGER - The New Professional 4.0 solid metal construction guarantees maximum stability & durability, even in the toughest application conditions such as offices, logistics or government bodies. At the same time, it boasts the smallest possible size and lightweight.
CLEANER - The innovative finger protection keeps your fingers clean when replacing the ink cartridge & setting the date. The optimised control curve ensures a round & consistent stamp movement and guarantees perfect imprint quality.
FASTER - The special grip zones on the feet make it easier to compress the stamp when setting the date, whilst the new date band drive guarantees faster precise date setting & alignment.
For stamp makers, the elevated text plate holder with pre-assembled adhesive foam plate and positioning grid means added comfort when mounting the text plate. Using a central adjusting screw, the date band height is adjustable with just one spin.
Like its predecessor model, the new Trodat Professional™ 4.0 also offers climate neutrality as standard, manufactured with the highest proportion of recycling material and 100% green electricity in Austria.
All this combined ensures perfect imprint quality and continues to keep Trodat in the forefront of product innovation and the market leader in the world of self-inking stamps.
For further information on Trodat, the New Professional 4.0 and Trodat's additional product offering please visit or contact our sales team at