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Self-inking Stamp v's Traditional rubber stamps

Old an NEw Printy 4.0

Self-inking Stamp verses Traditional rubber stamps

​Trodat UK, based in Paisley, Scotland is a subsidiary of Trodat GMBH who specialise in rubber stamps and stamping accessories such as ink pads, ink bottles and laser rubber, used to engrave your stamp design. 

When we say we specialise in rubber stamps our focus and what we are best known for is our range of self-inking stamps. We can hear you asking, what is a self-inking stamp? Well, it really is just that, a stamp that inks itself. The stamp pad is built into the stamp meaning you don’t need a separate pad to make your mark. 

It is not a new technology but if you don’t use stamps in your everyday working life or sell stamps to your customer base you are never really going to be aware of the pros and cons of this technology, hence this short blog. To give you a bit more background on our self-inking stamps, although Trodat was founded in 1912 (yes we are pretty darn old and we would argue since we have been here 100 years plus, built to last), it was not until 1976 that we launched our first self-inking plastic stamps to the market. 

The introduction of the self-inking stamp really did revolutionise the stamp industry, it is something that Trodat has been extremely proud of and has been the foundation to their success, throughout the years. 

Over time Trodat have used the 'Original Office Printy' as the building block of their product development and have through the decades introduced various ranges using both recycled plastic and brushed stainless steel. These models are carbon neutral as standard (Printy range), made with recycled plastics and have been designed to be smaller and lighter in a bid to prevent CO2 emissions. 

Traditional hand stamps have their place and have been used in multiple industries for years. They are extremely popular in the crafting world and are a great tool for printing on a larger scale. When you type rubber stamp into Google it returns: 61.300.000 results (0.70 seconds). To work your way through this vast list may seem a bit daunting so really the question is, why would you choose a self-inking stamp over a traditional hand stamp?

1.Modern look & feel
Both stamps make your impression on paper but they differ. If you line both a self-inking stamp and traditional rubber stamp together the first thing you notice is that they both have a very different look and feel. A traditional rubber stamp can be made in both wood and plastic, they are quite artisan, rustic, one would even argue that they have the look of 'old fashioned' about them. Self-inking technology has a more modern design which looks more in keeping in a traditional office setting. Although the technology has been around for some time, a self-inking stamp does not seem out of place on your desk beside your laptop or your mobile phone. 

Transporting your stamp is easier if it is a self-inking stamp. As mentioned previously, the pad is built into the stamp which means no ink will escape or need to be cleaned off the die plate of your stamp before you put it into your bag or into your desk drawer. Not to mention a traditional stamp needs a separate stamp pad, meaning two things to carry, not one.

As mentioned above, a self-inking stamp is much cleaner than a traditional rubber stamp. This is primarily because the die plate (your text or image) is not exposed until you push the stamp down to make your impression. With the die plate being 'hidden' it means no marks on your desk or inky fingers when you use the stamp.

4. Image quality 
As stamps are Trodat's main product offering, they have carried out extensive research into what is deemed the 'perfect impression'. With a traditional rubber stamp, the ink distribution varies based on the pressure of the user, meaning that it will not print the exact same every time. Some impressions might be lighter than others or heavier in places, whereas a self-inking stamp applies the correct level of pressure across your whole image, due to the mechanism inside. This means the same, consistent imprint time after time. 

5. More practical 
We could say that a self-inking stamp is more practical for a few reasons. Previously indicated, no need for an extra pad, less mess and clearer image quality, but it is also a practical solution as it can be used again and again. For example our self-inking date stamps come with 12 years of date bands, meaning they can be used for 12 consecutive years and when your ink runs low, it can be replaced by switching out the old dry ink pad with a fresh new one. Practical printing, time after time. 

6. Price 
When you sit a self-inking stamp and a traditional stamp side by side, in terms of cost there really is not that much a of a difference in retail value.  Take for example packaging, Trodat would say any stamp (traditional or self-inking) is a cost-effective method over any printed solution, such as boxes, paper bags with your logo on them or even personalised stickers with your logo. The price you pay for a self-inking stamp guarantees you a perfect imprint, from a stylised product, that is built to last. 

7. Eco Friendly
Since 1993 Trodat have been working hard to reduce CO2 emissions, improve energy use in the facilities and invest in Gold Standard climate protection projects recommended by WWF, where carbon offset has been required. A Trodat self-inking stamp is made from up to 65% recycled plastics, does not contain any PVC and all raw materials comply with strict RoHS regulations. It has been designed to be smaller and lighter in weight and it has been built to last, meaning less of an environmental impact as it is not a throw away item. 

As a stamp manufacture, we can always spot the opportunity for stamps to be used in many markets, education, packaging, offices even the healthcare industry. Trodat can help you identify and spot the opportunities in your reseller market. If you would like to discuss stamping opportunities please contact us today via for our specialist team to assist you. 

If you are looking for a stamp for your own purposes, to stamp your packaging, increase footfall to your business by the use of a loyalty card/stamp then please contact us directly or visit our reseller in the UK: