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Corporate structure

Trodat Firmenstruktur




The Trodat Trotec Holding
The group of companies known as the Trodat Trotec Holding GmbH operates as the world leading stamp business under the Trodat brand name and also as the world leading laser business under the Trotec brand name.
The group currently generates overall sales amounting to more than 249 million euros and employs around 1,500 people in over 35 subsidiaries worldwide. The group has a business presence in more than 150 countries worldwide. Exports make up more than 98% of its business.
Trodat, as the largest stamp manufacturer in the world by far, and Trotec, as world market leader in laser plotters for engraving, cutting and marking, each operate as subsidiaries under the umbrella of the "Trodat Trotec Holding". Corporate planning predicts more or less equal sales for the two companies by 2020, which should amount to 300 million euros in total.

The "Trodat Trotec Holding" has its company seat in Wels/Upper Austria, where the most important stamp production site, including its research and development facilities are also located. The Trotec production and sales site is situated in Marchtrenk, approximately 2 km from Wels.
About 40% of the total 1,500 "Trodat Trotec group" employees are based in Austria.
Trodat Trotec Holding GmbH is a private company 74.9% owned by the family Müller-Just and 25.1% by the owner of the ImWind Group based in Lower-Austria.

The stamp business (founded in 1912) has a history of more than 100 years and currently employs approximately 1000 staff, around 500 of them in Austria. At the moment more than 3/4 of the sales are generated in Europe and the United States. However, global growth in the stamp business increasingly takes place outside of Europe, especially due to growing demand in emerging markets, such as China, where the need for stamps is increased by the tens of thousands of start-up companies that are founded daily.
The laser business originated in the stamp plate production area but has been operating as an independent company since 1997 and currently employs approximately 450 staff, around 180 of them in Austria. A second, strong (independent) business pillar thus developed, which has shown significantly stronger growth in recent years than originally expected. Trotec appeals to existing Trodat customer groups worldwide as a complementary service provider, while also particularly appealing to completely new markets. In the coming years the laser business is predicted to achieve growth rates of around 20% per year, thanks to its technological edge and advanced specialist knowledge.
The management of the Trodat Trotec Holding 
(Photos from left to right) 
CEO Norbert Schrüfer, Dr.
CFO Peter Köstler, Mag. MBA 

MANAGing Directors TRODAT

(Photos from left to right)
Norbert Almhofer, DI Dr. (Head of Production)
Manfred Prinz, Mag.  (Head of Marking Center)
Roland Rier, Mag. (Head of Sales & Marketing)