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trodat ideal

The Trodat Ideal Instaplate is a photopolymer in a bag. It's characterised by its quick, clean operation. You only have to adjust the Instaplate bag over the negative and expose to produce text plates. The photopolymer's contrast-optimised colour facilitates will show final inspection of the text plate. 


Simple, clean application

Text plate production with Ideal Instaplate is particularly clean because photopolymer metering is eliminated. Operation is very simple thanks to the stable bag. 


Saves time and money

Trodat Ideal Instaplate's bag always contains exactly the right amount of photopolymer. The bag combines cover film and backing sheet and makes the use of damming tape superfluous. You only need to place the Instaplate in the machine and expose.


Perfect imprint quality

Instaplate photopolymer plates impress with an tack-free surface and outstanding ink transfer therefore guaranteeing perfect imprint quality.