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laser rubber

Is there such a thing as a laser rubber that covers everything? Probably not—that's why Trodat has developed a range of products that meets all requirements. Which text plate rubber is right for you depends entirely on your business and on the kind of orders you have. The choice is yours! With Trodat laser rubbers, you decide on the best engraving results and highest productivity in each case.



For all needs

Regardless of whether you want to save production time, or you want to reduce odours in your production area, Trodat the right laser rubber for your exact needs.


Highest productivity

The ofi, Austria's largest cooperative testing and research institute, has tested the engraving speeds of Aero and Tempo. The result: Trodat's laser rubbers are among the fastest in their class, thus offering an enormous productivity gain.



Trodat's laser rubbers are completely harmless with regard to occupational health and safety. They even fall significantly below strict European limit values for maximum workplace concentration (MAK) across the entire manufacturing process.