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trodat ideal

After years of development Trodat has developed new, non-sticky, high-definition photopolymers. The photopolymers of series Ideal 'i' meet the requirements of different flexographic applications and are the first choice for the production of stamp text plates. They have wide exposure latitude enabling outstanding fine detail drawing. A broad pallet of accessories compliments the product range. A range of perfectly coordinated photopolymers and accessories is the result.


Perfect imprint quality

Trodat Ideal photopolymer possesses the optimum surface properties for use with water-based inks. Text plates made of Trodat's Ideal photopolymer guarantee exact contour sharpness and excellent ink transfer.


Simplest application

The manufacture of text plates with photopolymer is a simple production method proven over many decades.


Optimally matched photopolymer product range

In addition to the photopolymer itself, Trodat offers all the materials necessary for the production process. All components are perfectly matched for the manufacture of high-quality text plates.