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production material

With pre-inked stamps, the ink for the stamp is already integrated into the text plate. This means that a seperate ink pad is unnessecary.You can make thousands of precise, clean imprints quickly and easily.


Trodat offers all of the necessary production materials and machines for the manufacture of Ultimark and Royal Mark pre-inked stamps. Flash technology is used for the production of Ultimark stamps whilst the    production of text plates for Royal Mark pre-inked stamps takes place with the help of a laser machine.  



Fast, simple production

Production of text plates for pre-inked stamps works quickly and simply. Trodat offers all the materials for both production methods, making business easier for you and reducing the hassle of coordinating suppliers within your supply chain.



Trodat pre-inked stamps' large ink reservoir guarantees thousands of precise, clean imprints. Re-inking the text plate is also quite simple with our range of bottled inks and handy interactive tutorials.