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stamp ink


Multi Color Code 000.000.000


Multi Color Code 000.094.168



Multi Color Code 226.000.060


Deep Orange

Multi Color Code 234.101.013



Multi Color Code 000.154.133


Light Blue

Multi Color Code 000.117.230


Orange Brown

Multi Color Code 195.100.061



Carmine Red

Multi Color Code 205.000.057


Signal Yellow

Multi Color Code 253.196.000


Sky Blue

Multi Color Code 000.140.208


Squirrel Grey

Multi Color Code 134.142.147


Traffic Purple

Multi Color Code 197.000.123



Multi Color Code 056.055.140


Yellow Green

Multi Color Code 134.190.096

Zinc Yellow

Multi Color Code 255.221.000



Note: Colour portrayals are dependent on various influencing factors such as paper, atmospheric humidity, screen representation, etc. It is possible that there may be variations in individual colour systems. All instructions are based on Trodat definitions. We recommend galley proofs and trial stamp imprints before ordering.