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stamp inks

Trodat's stamp inks are especially developed for the modern stamp market's most varied demands. They offer optimal long-term stamp and ink life, contour sharpness, and guarantee impressions which will last for decades. Stamp inks for reinking the hand stamp pads are obtainable in black, blue, red, green and violet. 

Perfect imprint

With the use of Trodat stamp inks you can be sure that your Trodat hand stamp pads will continually deliver uniform and clean imprints which will last for decades. 


All Trodat standard stamp inks guarantee impressions which will last for decades. 


To remove water-based Trodat standard stamp inks, the following is recommended, depending on the affected surface finish:

Smooth, non-absorbent surfaces: ​wipe with water, possibly soap or mild solvent-free cleaning agent. 

Absorbent materials such as textiles: soak with soapy water and rub or brush and repeat with polar solvent, e.g. alcohol. ATTENTION: first test the compatibility of the substrate with the solvent (on a small, non-visible area).

Skin: Soapy water and rub or brush.