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We've compiled answers to frequently asked questions for you in this area. ​​​


Do you need to replace the ink pad in a self inking stamp?

You should only replace your stamp's ink cartridge if you're no longer satisfied with the imprint's intensity. This should only happen after your stamp has provided you with thousands of impressions. You can order the suitable replacement ink cartridge for your stamp online in an uTypia Online shop or purchase at a speciality dealer in your area.​


How can I become a Trodat accredited dealer or sell Trodat products?

As a producer of stamp components, Trodat can provide both to Rubber Stamp Makers and also end user focused office product dealers. If you wish to find out more about buying from Trodat, please contact us or visit the "Become a Trodat Dealer"​ page for more information. 


How can I track my Trodat order?

Office product dealers can track their custom stamp orders through our Track and Trace function. For more information on this, please visit the dedicated help page or speak to your account manager for more information. 

​​Please note: This is only for office product dealers. Only custom stamp orders can be tracked. 


How do I replace my stamp's ink cartridge?

That depends on the stamp. Depending on model, replacement ink cartridges can be removed by pressing or pulling. You can find exact instructions with images for all of the various stamp models under the Tips for use menu item.


How does a self-inking stamp work?

The ink cartridge is already integrated into self-inking stamps. It dispenses ink to the text plate during each stamping motion. These stamps are therefore especially practical and clean in application.​


Trodat offers its bestselling products with climate neutrality as standard. What does that mean?

A product is climate neutral if it doesn't change the atmosphere's CO2 balance either by not causing emissions itself or by neutralising the product's CO2 footprint through compensating measures in environmental protection.

As of 2013, Trodat produced its core, bestselling products with climate neutrality as standard in order to show commitment to environmental protection. In the production of these products, all avoidable emissions were first eliminated. The remainder were compensated for by Trodat's investment in Gold Standard climate-protection projects recommended by the WWF®. You can find out more about our environmental policies here​.



What is uTypia?

​​uTypia is our online shop solution, which allows end users to order custom stamps online from their Trodat accredited dealer. This software can be customised for your shop in order to make it easy for you to take customer's custom stamp orders using a multi-channel approach. If you would like more information on uTypia, please visit the dedicated uTypia Software Solutions​ page.​


Where can I buy a replacement ink cartridge or order online?

You can order the suitable replacement ink cartridge for your stamp online in an uTypia Online shop or purchase at a speciality dealer in your area. ​


Where can I buy a stamp or order online?

 As a producer of stamp components, Trodat UK sells only to speciality dealers and not to end users. 

Stamps with your individual text plate can be ordered online in an uTypia Online Shop or purchased at a stamp dealer in your area. ​​​​


Why can't I log in on

You can find everything worth knowing about stamps in the home page's public access area. The log-in area is reserved exclusively for Trodat UK employees. If you need any information which you cannot find on our website, please let us know and we can provide you with relevant information, and will update the website accordingly.